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Carmel Design has been a favorite Home Store in central Indiana for over 70 years. From a paint-and-wallpaper store, to a Waverly Place dealer, and now a “Home Design Boutique”, besides our in-home Interior Design service, Carmel Design has seen quite a change over all the years in business!

Originally located on East Carmel Drive in Carmel, Indiana, (north of Merchant Square) we relocated to the Northside of Indianapolis in 2001. We now enjoy see 2nd and even 3rd generation customers in our store ready to either redecorate or decorate their first home! No doubt about it, with such a long history in home decorating, our business has evolved over the years along with the revolving styles and needs of our customers.

Our huge fabric & wallpaper book library (we think the largest in town!) is a wonderful supplement to our full-service custom workroom for creating window coverings, bedding, furniture & more, exactly to your specifications.

With over 20 years of experience, our staff has become expert at coordinating our clients’ projects & ideas. Each client is unique with specific desires & needs, thus every project is given individual care & attention to create a pleasing effect for their home.

Don’t just take our word for it, come and experience our expertise for yourself!

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